Friday, May 3, 2013

Still "Bang"able?

At what point will men stop looking? At me, that is. I will admit that the attention from the menfolk is not what it used to be. I was never the hottest girl in the room, but I was at a decent number looks-wise, enough that I received an adequate amount of appreciative glances in a variety of situations to keep my self esteem riding high. Driving around town, I have had my share of male drivers putting forth the effort to give me a second glance. I was never offended by "catcalls" I received walking by a construction site or whistles while out for a run. I do not understood why women are offended by this attention; they are compliments, ladies. One day they will cease to exist for you, and I bet you will miss them.
So, imagine my glee, when stepping out of the hair salon yesterday after getting bangs cut in to my 'do for the first time in years, a man (early 30s, fairly attractive) gave me a "once over" and smiled approvingly. I think it was the bangs- cutesy, trendy, age-reducing. I smiled back, of course, thrilled with this increasingly-rare-occurring type of attention. I did not, however, want to ruin the moment (for me or for my admirer) by hopping in to my loser cruiser to take off, so I walked an extra hundred feet, circumlocuting the parking lot (pretending to head for my non-existent single-girl fun ride) until he had safely driven away. I finally headed for my sweet ride, admiring my man-attracting fringe in my reflection of the window as I unlocked the door, knowing this encounter would give me a little extra spring in my step for a few days. It doesn't take much.

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