Thursday, August 1, 2013

Handbag Ho?

Not only do I love a nice handbag, I actually get a little aroused sometimes while handling the buttery soft leather of a particularly nice one. I spotted a gorgeous bag while shopping recently that I cannot stop thinking about. The price tag does not allow for a casual, everyday purchase of this item; it must be given as a gift. Realizing that I have a birthday approaching, I decided that this would be a great gift for the hubster to present to me. Now, while this man is an overall awesome guy, he does have some difficulty in the gift-giving department. Example: for Mother's Day this year, he sent me flowers - via delivery, which is both weird (we live together) and somewhat disturbing (this is also the gift he gave his mother). He had ordered both sets of flowers during the same transaction. I know he meant well, but that's just wrong. So, as you can see, some gift-buying guidance was in order.
This guy does not respond to subtle hints. "My sister just got a Nook for her birthday; what a great gift!" did not result in an e-reader wrapped and labeled for me under the Christmas tree a few weeks later. So... I went for obvious. After an especially passionate night of intimacy, I printed a page from the website featuring my desired bag and placed it on his pillow. Much to my delight (but not really surprise), I am now the proud owner of this bag. Good sex for an expensive gift? Prostitution? I think not. I prefer to think of it as a "win-win".

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