Monday, April 22, 2013

B- for Effort

So, it was a "sort of" cleanse. I did cut back on the ridiculous intake. I did not go crazy, but a little effort paid off; the stretchy yoga pants have been put away, only to be worn for actual yoga vs. accommodating a bloated belly.
What I did right: reduced alcohol intake, reduced late-night snacking, picked up the running mileage, and sweated through a couple of hot yoga sessions. What I did wrong: continued a bit of mindless snacking and consumed a few drinks. The snacking was stress-related, and the boozing was in-law-related.
Though I dropped a few pounds, I am still feeling a bit on the puffy side. I am itching to buy some spring clothes, and it is no fun shopping for cute, fresh wardrobe if it is for my bigger self.
My plan:  increase Clean principles: replacing solid food meals with liquids (i.e. juices, smoothies, soups) and decrease stress-munching. I also need to amp up my strength training, as sleeveless tops are sexy, but not if one's arms resemble loaves of lumpy bread dough. I am allowing social drinkies because, well, let's not get crazy.
On that note, I am off to hot yoga, in which I sweat off two pounds in 45 minutes. I know, it's only "water weight", but oh-so-satisfying nonetheless.

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