Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Candy

Last year I dropped the ball. The hubster and I decided that we were not exchanging Valentine's gifts, with the expectation being that we would exchange cards and he would likely present me with flowers. I held up my end of the bargain while hubs outdid himself. Not only did he supply said flowers, he also purchased a lovely bra and panty set (though my friend, Sarah,  informed me that this is really a gift "for him") and planned a date night, complete with hiring a babysitter. I felt a little inadequate, but I felt better after I recalled my mom's words of wisdom about V-day, that it is "really more of a day for the woman to receive gifts".
I saw my chance to surprise and (hopefully) delight my man this year when I spotted a deal for a "boudoir photo session". I have to admit, as a bit of an exhibitionist, I was looking forward more to the actual photo session (posing in sexy lingerie in compromising positions) than to the photos, themselves. I purchased a few "outfits" to bring to the session, paid extra for the stylist to give me street-walker make-up and big hair, and my session was underway. My photographer was experienced in making ladies who are not VS models look their best in their skivvies. Coupling flattering poses with "photo enhancement" (yay!), I have a few good prints. I am not sure where we are going to put these photos (hanging them in the entryway is not an option) and what happens when I eventually pass away ("is that Grandma in the bustier and thong?"), but I can't wait to present them to my Valentine tonight. I think he'll likey.

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