Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Earned This

After a weekend away with girlfriends that included total indulgence of tasty food, delicious (and multiple) drinks, and overall ridiculous fun, one would expect that I would tackle the loads of laundry and sink-full of dishes present in my house today. After all, my children are at school, I am off of work, and I have had a little break from the drudgery of housework for the past few days. Not so much. Instead, I have completed the following activities in the past 5 hours:
1) drank coffee while watching most of the Today show
2) took a long, hot shower
3) took an Advil and 1/2 of a Percocet (sore muscles from running a half marathon over weekend- the "cover" event that prevents any spouses from having an issue with the girls' getaway)
4) read a good portion of a book
5) made an appt for a 3:00 massage today with Dean at my favorite spa
Why do I not feel guilty? I effing earned this. I once had a newborn, a three year-old, and  five-year old at home with me ALL day long. My spouse works 60-hour weeks, and most of the child and household responsibilities are mine. We have no family in town, and  I have always worked part-time, dealing with the stress of juggling preschool and child-care with my work hours. I am not complaining, as I realize there are many mothers with much greater hardships with which they deal on a daily basis, and said circumstances are results of my own choices. I guess I just needed to give myself permission for this complete "day off". I finally have all three children in school, a day off of work, and a body too sore for a workout. Though this will not become a habit (children with no food or clean clothes because their mom is relaxing all day may raise red flags for CPS), I am loving every minute of it. I know I will be loving it later today when Dean rubs away my aches and pains with his strong oil-coated hands.

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